Signs of the Last Day in the Modern Age

We live in a world in which many Signs of the Last Day, as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah Most High be upon him) are continuously and ominously unfolding. He prophesied, for example, "women would be dressed and would yet be naked".
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The essays in this book are the fruit of a very humble attempt at interpretating contemporary events and issue perceived to be connected to this subject. Our hope is that these essays might assist reader to recognize the reality of events on which we have commented and in the process, also recognize ‘Truth’ in Islam. They would read these essays and be pleasantly surprised by an articulation of Islam’s viewpoint so different from today’s anti-Islam propaganda. They would be startled to learn, for example, of prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah Most High be upon him) concerning the Last Age about which they never previously knew. Many might not have known that he prophesied an end of history that would witness the return of the true Messiah, Jesus the son of the virgin Mary (peace be upon them both), and that a Muslim army coming out of territory in and around Afghanistan would at that time successfully liberate all occupied territory until it finally liberates Jerusalem.

It should be clear that the Qur’an has prohibited Muslims from maintaining friendly ties with only that Judeo-Christian alliance and not with all Christians and all Jews. The Qur’an has also warned those Muslims who established ties of friendship with that Judeo-Christian alliance that in now ruling the world, that Allah Most High would recognized them to be members of that alliance (rather than the Muslim community), and would thus consider such conduct the ultimate betrayal of Islam.

We have a stern warning to deliver to those scholars of Islam who persist in defending the so-called murabaha transactions of Islamic Banks today. They defend the transaction with Fatwas (fatawa) that are as invalid as the Fatwas (fatawa) which today blindly declare paper money of the modern world to be Halal,and would equally blindly declare tomorrow’s 'electronic money' to be Halal. If they obstinately persist in their defense of today’s so-called Murabaha transactions, and then learn in Allah’s court that it was not Murabaha but Riba, at that time they cannot plead for mercy from Allah for they will have misguided people, nor can they say "I did not know".